Frankston Chess Club

Chess for all skill levels


Open Every Wednesday 7PM - 10:30PM

Leawarra House, 200 Beach St, Frankston

Chess is better with people Come down and enjoy a range of chess experiences

Frankston Chess Club is a local club that aims at giving the oppotunity to people when it comes to over the board chess, enjoy it with a passionate community of enthusiasts who share help an learn more about this great game

Casual Chess , Competitive Chess , Chess Puzzles

Backgammon players are also welcome

Membership Deals

Memberships are a good way for regular club players to save money annually which lasts till the next finacial year date
This Inc. Concession an backgammon players

Calender might change due to events or delays

Tournament Experience

As a Chess Club we organise Tournaments on a local level throughout the whole year.

We play tournaments equally distributed between Classical Rapid and Blitz ranging from 1 hour to 3 minutes

No tournaments here are currently FIDE or ACF rated but we have club ratings and leaderboards